Aug 17, 2022

Announcing the Winners of the Fall 2022 CCI Nursing Scholarships

Customized Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce the most recent winners of the CCI Nursing Scholarship. Our goal is to reward students for superior academic performance and support their future careers by meeting a financial need.

The 2 scholarship winners were selected from a competitive pool of 45 students across the nation.

Each winner will receive a $2,500 scholarship for the 2022 fall semester year and access to CCI’s network of industry experts to help them make connections and gain mentors.

Our winners are:

  • Bernise Altamirano: West Texas A&M University
  • Lauren Kate Segura: West Texas A&M University

Meet the Recipients of the CCI Nursing Scholarship

Bernise Altamirano

Hometown: Amarillo, TX
West Texas A&M University
Award: $2,500

Bernise is working towards her BSN in hopes of becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. While being enrolled full-time in her degree program, Bernise works two jobs as a Door Dash driver and substitute teacher at her oldest daughter’s elementary school. After working full-time in a hospital, Bernise shifted her goal of becoming a Neonatologist to pursue nursing in desire of more hands-on care. “As a nurse you must be able to establish trusting relationships while helping patients heal,” Bernise says. “When it comes to nursing it is more than just medical care. A nurse must provide physical care, protection, education, a listening ear, and be empathetic and supportive towards their patients and families.”

Lauren Kate Segura

Hometown: Clayton, NM
West Texas A&M University
Award: $2,500

Lauren is in the process of acquiring her BSN from West Texas A&M University with goals of pursing a master’s in nursing. While working full-time, she has received academic honors by making the Dean’s list an has volunteered at a church health fair in Amarillo. Lauren is no stranger to heartbreaking life challenges but that has only shaped her attitude for the better. “I actively make the choice every day to find a silver lining in whatever situation I’m given. It’s important to pass on kindness and generosity. It’s important to me to lead with honor and charisma. I’m excited to carry on that mindset and lifestyle into my future in the medical setting.”

We congratulate both of our Fall 2022 winners, who were selected by our leadership team here at CCI.

Our new CCI Nursing Scholarship is intended for full-time students who are currently enrolled in a nursing program. If you know a student who would benefit from a CCI Nursing Scholarship, please sign up to receive the CCI newsletter series, or check our site for the current application status.

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