Reach patients where they are. Expand your reach with readED, Baby360’s eBook platform. With eBooks, patients can easily pick up where they left off, take notes, highlight important passages, and bookmark content. And hospitals can track patients’ behavior and metrics.

To access eBooks, patients simply download readED from their phone’s app store or sign in.

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Same trusted titles. All on one device.

The following Baby360 books are available in eBook format:

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Your Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting
Your Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
Your Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
Labor and Birth
Your Guide to Labor and Birth
Your Guide to Postpartum and Newborn Care
Breastfeeding Basics
Your Guide to Breastfeeding
Your Guide to Baby’s First Year
Your Guide to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Grandmother holding her grandson
Your Guide to Grandparenting


With readED, educators can:

  • Put education in your patients’ hands and homes
  • Deliver digital versions of Baby360’s printed books
  • Offer education on multiple topics from one device
  • Customize eBook covers with your brand assets
  • Track your users’ behavior and metrics

With readED, patients can:

  • Learn remotely from home
  • Access education instantly through the web or mobile app
  • Pick up where they left off
  • Take notes, highlight, and bookmark content
  • Watch videos embedded right in the eBook

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