Feb 5, 2018

4 Reasons You Should Offer Online Education

Most people of child-bearing age have grown up with technology as part of their everyday lives. They are used to accessing information 24/7 − and they expect it in almost every area of their life. Here are four reasons online maternity education can work well for your patients.

Flexible Schedule

Online access to information gives patients the flexibility to learn when it’s convenient for them. Between work and other responsibilities, it can be hard to find an in-person class that fits their schedule.

Learning Pace

Not everybody absorbs information at the same pace. Some people may want to digest each topic thoroughly or review certain sections before moving on. Other students may grasp things quickly, or have limited time overall, and want to complete a class in as little time as possbile.

Unable to Attend In-person Classes

The class time that fits someone’s schedule may already be full. Or you may have patients with limited transportation options or are on bedrest, making it difficult, or even impossible, to attend a class at your facility. An online option ensures that these people still have access to the knowledge they need. It could also be that one of the parents travels for work or is on a military deployment. With online learning, both parents can access the material and still enjoy a shared learning experience.

Practical vs. Theoretical

Online access gives parents the chance to find specific information relating to their immediate need. This can be especially helpful after giving birth. New parents may want to review how to bathe their baby right before bath time. Access to pictures or videos of breastfeeding holds can help a new mother during a feeding session with a baby struggling to latch on. On-demand access can be incredibly helpful in those first few days and weeks at home.

Looking for online education options? Talk to us about YoMingo™. You can provide your families with easier access to important information and a way to stay connected to healthcare providers, educators, classmates and others on a similar journey.

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