Dec 28, 2016

5 of the Best Apps for Nurses

As a nurse and educator, there’s so much information you have to absorb to perform your job, including staying abreast of everything happening in your industry. Apps can be a huge help, providing references, reminders, and patient care planning systems, reducing the burden of your daily tasks.

But with all the apps now available for nurses, it can be confusing — not to mention time consuming — to determine which ones will serve you best. We’ve compiled a list of five of the top apps for nurses to help you narrow down the choices.

  1. Pill Identifier by — This app lists common features of more than 12,000 medications, allowing you to quickly search pills by shape, color, strength, and more when you need help identifying pills without a label.
  2. Medical Spanish — A must for those who don’t speak Spanish and frequently work with Spanish-speaking patients. This app serves as a Spanish assistant with audio and a wealth of commonly used phrases. Micromedex
  3. Drug Reference Essentials — Provides access to this popular drug guide with or without an internet connection, giving you immediate access to information on more than 4,500 search terms, including drug interactions, dosages, and side effects.
  4. Nurse’s Pocket Guide — This app has many great features, including assessment tools, sample care plans, and a comprehensive index search for quick navigation.
  5. The Gift of Motherhood — We couldn’t leave out this fabulous CCI app that is specifically designed to complement your childbirth education program. Packed with helpful features, this app enables you to give your patients access to medically accurate information throughout their pregnancy. It also has customizable features, allowing you to promote your brand!

To learn more about The Gift of Motherhood app, visit us online and feel free to reach out to us via the phone number or email address provided.

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