Aug 24, 2016

5 Questions to Expect from Moms Pregnant with Multiples

When women find out they’re carrying twins or multiples, it usually opens up a completely new set of questions for their medical providers. Below are five of the most common questions you can expect from your moms who are pregnant with more than one baby and answers to put them at ease.

What kind of doctor do I need for a twin or multiple pregnancy?

Pregnancies with twins or multiples require careful medical supervision. There are various doctors able to provide care for these types of pregnancies, but a woman’s specific circumstances will typically dictate the kind of doctor she should see.

For example, a woman with a routine pregnancy may be able to work with a family practitioner or midwife, while a woman experiencing complications may require a specialist, such as a perinatologist.

Will I be able to breastfeed two babies simultaneously?

Breastfeeding two babies at the same time can be done, having one baby on each breast while feeding. It isn’t for everyone, though, as it takes a lot of coordination and patience.

Will I need to have a cesarean section?

Not necessarily. However, the likelihood of having a cesarean section (C-section) delivery is higher with twins and multiples. For twin births, vaginal delivery may remain an option.

There’s also a higher incidence of a baby being in breech position with multiples pregnancies, a situation that usually requires a C-section.

Do I need to eat differently than if I were pregnant with one baby?

Women pregnant with twins and multiples need to intake more calories than a woman who is pregnant with one baby. A general rule of thumb is to add 300 calories for each baby, every day.

The type of calories consumed is important to ensure mom and the babies are receiving the nutrients they need. Eating foods packed with protein, carbohydrates, and fat should be the focus, while sugar should be consumed in moderation. Dairy, meat, eggs, nuts, oils, fruits, vegetables, and grains will all help fuel the babies’ growth.

How much should I exercise?

Most healthy, active women who are expecting twins should be able to continue to exercise while pregnant as long as they have been cleared by their doctor. Intense workouts aren’t recommended, but walking, swimming, prenatal yoga, and water aerobics are all good options. Those carrying triplets or more should take it easy throughout pregnancy and limit exercise to short, gentle walks every so often.

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