Apr 30, 2018

7 Things to Know about Your Childbirth Experience

If you haven’t yet looked into our newly updated all-in-one publication, you may be missing out on an excellent resource for your education program.

  1. This book is appropriate for readers of all levels. A 6th-grade reading level allows you to provide a comprehensive resource for a wider range of pregnant patients.
  2. You can give out the book at the very first appointment or class and know that it covers all the topics from prenatal testing through newborn care. We’ve made it easy to navigate by dividing it into tabbed sections for easy look-up of specific topics.
  3. Readers can access 12 educational videos that further reinforce topics throughout the book. With our free AR Viewer app, readers can make pages come to life through augmented reality.
  4. This book recognizes the diverse family formation, and a variety of family structures/races/ethnicities is presented throughout all of the content, photos and AR videos.
  5. We have worked to create a learning environment in which people of all identities are encouraged. A gender-inclusive language style has been used throughout the text.
  6. This book promotes exclusive breastfeeding, so it supports the Baby Friendly Initiative.
  7. Your Childbirth Experience is coming to the YoMingo® digital platform very soon.

This title is an excellent resource in digital or print format. Stock it in addition to other CCI publications so you have the best materials for everyone in your patient population. If you haven’t received a free sample book yet, call us at 800 476 2253 for a copy.

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