Sep 20, 2016

A Digital Donation to a Texas Center – Part 2

The big day finally arrived!

On September 2, we delivered our gift of a customized pregnancy app to the Women’s Choice Resource Center in Fort Worth, Texas. We celebrated with a “shower” at the Center, complete with refreshments and decorations.

Our custom app features a WCRC-branded splash page and a home page that includes a section dedicated to WCRC’s services. The staff there won’t have to worry about distributing outdated materials either because we’ll supply ongoing support to keep the app updated and functional. They’ll also have unlimited free downloads for WCRC clientele from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

“This app will be a great asset to further enhance prenatal development education for our clients. And the team at CCI is great to work with. They’ve had a positive impact on WCRC by helping us give accurate information to expectant mothers,” said Genesis Bustamante, WCRC operations director.

Volunteers say they’re looking forward to exploring the app themselves as they show their soon-to-be moms how to get the most out of it.

Stacy Blakley of CCI said, “We’re so pleased we’re able to support the Center. They’re a great organization that happens to be practically in our own backyard.”

If it weren’t for donations and volunteers, the WCRC couldn’t do all that it does. Every one of the services the Center provides is free and confidential. Most of the money raised to support the Center’s efforts comes from a yearly fundraising banquet and an annual golf tournament.

We feel fortunate that something we specialize in can make a difference to these women — the staff, the volunteers, and, most importantly, the clients.

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