Sep 18, 2019

A Look Inside the Right Brain of CCI — How Good Design Enhances Patient Understanding and Retention

Visual design enhances retention and understanding, so we take the design of our materials seriously. When you experience our products, you’ll see the impressive work from our design team: Nasim Swope, Ivonne Garcia, Elodie Imbert, Devon Rose, and Hayley Lewis.

Each one of them has the formal education and experience to thoughtfully craft our materials, carefully choosing type, colors and images to enhance our thoroughly researched, evidence-based content.

Nasim focuses on the interior layouts and visuals of our books. Ivonne, Elodie and Devon work with clients to create custom cover designs that reflect each facility’s branding guidelines and integrates the look of CCI’s books into the rest of their literature. Meanwhile, Hayley designs motion graphics and creates the videos that are integrated into our app and books through Augmented Reality.

The result of their teamwork is an increase in patient comprehension and recall of the important maternal care and childbirth concepts they’re reading about—making materials pleasing to look at is only part of what our team does.

Increased Understanding through Good Design

In our app and printed books, all areas of design actively improve learning—whether the reader realizes it or not. In learning comprehension comparison studies, users have reported that good design helps them to navigate, find information and read text with less effort than the same information that is not created by people trained in design concepts and best practices.

Fonts that are easy to read along with header and subhead styles that divide and organize information into visual groupings help readers navigate through text. A good color scheme also helps to break up text from a monotonous sea of black into areas to naturally let the eye rest for a moment. And when information is critical, so is color. The red boxes or red text that call attention to vital information, like when to seek medical help, are a prime example.

Then there’s the picture superiority effect—the proven principle that visuals are more likely to be remembered than words alone. The images our designers choose help readers quickly understand and retain the accompanying text. For example, photos demonstrating different breastfeeding holds can help new mothers quickly recall a comfortable position when they’re too tired to read. Equally important, they convey the emotion of moms connecting lovingly with their babies.

When choosing photos, the team also keeps diversity in mind. Our designers continually source new photos, paying close attention not only to racial diversity but a range of other demographic factors like different economic backgrounds.

Besides using photos in her layouts, Nasim designs charts, illustrations and icons to convey complex concepts. Finally, when a concept can be depicted even more clearly with more than static photos, Hayley creates videos to enhance understanding and recall.

Benefits of Custom Covers

The ability to have Ivonne, Elodie or Devon customize a cover is an important marketing opportunity for a facility. It is a chance to increase brand recognition by reinforcing your name and visual identity. Customized covers can even spread the word about your facility to potential new patients by getting the brand out of the hospital and in front of pregnant patients’ friends and family who may see the patient reading the books. Creating a harmonious look to your literature conveys confidence and dependability.

Having your facility’s name and logo on the front cover also adds more value to the information contained within. While patients are familiar with their hospital and care team, they won’t have heard of CCI. Seeing your name on the cover inspires trust in your brand and your health professionals—the people your patients need to feel comfortable with throughout their patient experience. This can even impact patient retention positively.

Choose CCI

Here at CCI we have very high standards, and we are committed to having the strongest team creating engaging materials. We can’t think of a better way to enhance our well-researched, evidence-based education content than to have an all-star design team giving readers the ability to easily understand and retain it.

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