May 18, 2017

Case Study: Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

In our new “Client Story” series, we’ll be regularly highlighting one of our customers and sharing their experiences using CCI products. For this inaugural post, we spoke to staff at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Products used

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital has been a CCI customer for several years. They have made extensive use of both our textbooks (multiple titles) and our eLearning programs. Houston Methodist Willowbrook has steadily adopted more and more of product suite and expanded their focus to include educational resources beyond those we’ve created to support childbirth classes. Some of the specific products currently in use at Houston Methodist Willowbrook are A New BeginningThe Gift of MotherhoodThe Joy of Parenthood, and Breastfeeding.

Childbirth products

Houston Methodist Willowbrook makes our childbirth products available to every patient who enrolls in their childbirth classes. They also offer these materials to mothers on bed rest in the hospital’s antepartum unit.

Educators at Houston Methodist Willowbrook provide patients with access to CCI’s materials — both printed books and affiliated online courseware — and give them plenty of time to consult these resources before classes even begin. During the 4-hour face-to-face class period, the hospital’s instructors review highlights and discuss aspects of the program with which the patients have already interacted on their own time.

Breastfeeding products

Houston Methodist Willowbrook works with several physician groups to distribute our breastfeeding handouts to their patients. We’ve also collaborated with the hospital to develop and customize these resources, helping them provide the best possible information and promote the benefits of breastfeeding to their parenting communities. In fact, Houston Methodist operates numerous satellite locations, some of which also incorporate CCI products into their programs. In the future, the hospital hopes to achieve its goal of offering CCI’s online breastfeeding course materials to every one of its patients.

The benefits of using CCI products

We spoke with Diane Pearson, a Lactation Consultant at Houston Methodist Willowbrook, about the benefits she and her staff have realized from teaching with our products.

Ms. Pearson feels our online childbirth products allow many families to receive important childbirth instruction that would not otherwise not accessible to them. She cites, in particular, the scheduling challenges that make it difficult for some expectant parents to attend childbirth classes. According to Ms. Pearson, CCI’s online program provides these patients with a valuable alternative to a traditional, face-to-face education, giving them the knowledge they need whenever they need it.

Ms. Pearson also appreciates that all of our products contain authoritative, up-to-date and clinically researched information. She believes this is especially critical given the accuracy and reliability issues associated with much of the information parents find online.

Customization options and working with CCI

Ms. Pearson is grateful that our staff is very easy to work with, always prioritizes quick turnaround and takes pride in creating quality products. She indicates that the product customization we provide is invaluable to her. By augmenting our online content pages and brochures with hospital-specific information and resources, Ms. Pearson is able to truly make the products Houston Methodist Willowbrook’s own — not to mention better serve her patients.

Are you interested in working with CCI to customize courses and course materials for your healthcare facility? Browse our educational products online and contact us with any questions and to get started today.

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