Apr 18, 2019

How a Missouri Health System Prepared for an Education Overhaul

Missouri’s CoxHealth system just made the leap to YoMingo, and they’re proving that technological change doesn’t have to be a major disruption when there’s a solid plan in place from the get-go. Their key to success? Communication, communication, communication.


CoxHealth is a locally-owned, not-for-profit health system serving patients across southwestern Missouri. With six hospitals, more than 80 physician clinics, walk-in care, urgent care, five ERs, a Level 1 trauma center, and a new $42 million-dollar hospital in the works, they are prepared to address every level of medical need for their mostly rural population.


They’ve long embraced technology, and we’re not just talking about online bill pay and appointment setting. CoxHealth hospitals provide multiple technology-based online programs including eCards for patients, virtual visit care, and patient portals.


Donyta Upton, Women’s Center Manager, and Melissa Freeman, Women’s Center Nurse Educator, gave us the scoop on the transition from maternity app to YoMingo and how they made it a success.


CoxHealth had for years been successfully using the childbirth education mobile app, e-Learning programs and printed books from Customized Communications, Inc. (who created YoMingo and is also a content partner). When CCI shared that the mobile app and e-Learning programs were being phased out, Donyta and Melissa were pleased with the next generation of learning they were being offered as a replacement.


Enter YoMingo, the web-based and mobile app tool. Not only does YoMingo provide the same patient education that they’d had, it also allows hospitals to more easily communicate with their patients and also track usage metrics. Plus, having the content available in multiple languages helps CoxHealth serve patients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.


So what were the steps of your rollout process? 


First we had our marketing department produce flyers, digital displays, and banners that gave all the details on how one could easily have the education and tools available to them. Then we met personally with practice managers and reviewed what the changes would look like and how we would be making the transition. We had the managers and office staff register for YoMingo themselves to see how easy it was and how much great information was available for their patients. Finally, we went to unit staff meetings so that front-line staff got the information firsthand. Holding meetings in person eliminated the possibility of confusion and everyone really seemed to appreciate it.


Was there any pushback from staff?


Anytime you have things rolling along smoothly (as they were with the app) and then say the word “change”, there is some angst or panic about what it will entail. But once we were able to communicate the benefits of the change, and that all the education previously provided would still be available for our patients, all reservations dissipated. Having that buy-in from the front-line staff ensures that they recommend YoMingo to patients and are excited to show them the benefits of using it.



How do you market YoMingo to patients?


Patients first get information when initiating pregnancy care with their physician. Not only is a flyer provided to them, but the information is also printed in the Great Expectations book given to them at an initial appointment. Those attending prenatal classes get the information from the instructors as well. When they deliver, they are reminded of the YoMingo availability and ease of registration, if they aren’t already users. We also have large display banners at contact points in clinics and the hospital setting. We also share the information on our social media page, CoxHealth MOMS. With all that, we feel assured all patients are informed of the resources they have at their fingertips.


What challenges did you have to overcome with patients to get them to use YoMingo? 


Not many! We thought that getting it off the ground would have presented more challenges or questions from patients. Having buy-in from the front-line staff they encounter during their experience provides a lot of reinforcement. We did have some concern there may be confusion due to the name, YoMingo, but we included the name in all of our marketing materials and education with staff to prevent this. We also gave quite detailed instructions for registration on marketing materials, again eliminating questions.


Will you be using any other education materials/technology in conjunction with YoMingo?


We offer a variety of classes, so we also utilize some of CCI’s printed materials. We like the fact that we can have a customized look for CoxHealth that flows throughout printed materials, as well as what the patient sees on YoMingo.


Overall, how did the rollout go? Would you do anything differently if you could do it again?


So far, everything has gone great in getting the word out about YoMingo. Although we let staff as well as patients know they can contact us if they have questions or issues, we haven’t gotten any callers to date!  I think we got the word out the right way…which is paying off!



What would you tell other facilities that are considering YoMingo or are in the process of rolling it out to their staff/patients?


It’s been an easy process to make the transition and we are finding the YoMingo platform very easy to use. Plus, it’s nice to know that the same responsive and attentive staff at CCI/YoMingo are available to help anytime there are questions!



Finally, what are you now able to accomplish by implementing YoMingo that you couldn’t do with the previous eLearning products and mobile app?  


Easier communication and access to education for all of our patients. With one secure log on and access from any device, YoMingo provides a way for anyone to utilize the education and tools. In a few short weeks there will be functions available when parties complete registration that will collect data we can use to evaluate populations we serve and their needs.


Thanks Donyta and Melissa – we appreciate your time and valuable insight!


While change can be scary, CoxHealth proved that it doesn’t have to be a negative process. With planning, preparation and lots of communication, you too can transition to YoMingo and get all of the great education content plus so much more. Contact digitalteam@customizedinc.com to set up a private demo and see for yourself all the benefits YoMingo can bring to your organization.

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