Jan 17, 2020

How Engaging Education Solutions Result in Better Patient Outcomes

No one can deny that life today is more complex and busier than ever. Information constantly bombards us and the sheer amount of it can often be overwhelming. But in the world of patient care, information is vital. New education solutions are designed to help patients understand their conditions and treatment options so they can make more informed decisions about their care and, ultimately, have better outcomes.

Multiple studies in the U.S. and around the world have shown that patients who are more engaged with their health care are more likely to know about treatment guidelines, adhere to treatments, and obtain regular care. This can result in better health outcomes, patient safety and health care quality. Education can play a significant role in getting patients engaged with their care and their treatment providers.

When patients can learn about their health in language they can understand, free of medical jargon, they are more likely to connect with it and to actively research it. This means that education content needs to be created so that the language can be understood by laypeople, that it is easy to navigate through, and it must also be interesting to look at–all while still being medically accurate.

That’s where CCI shines. We have in-house medicaldesign and multimedia production teams that create quality, comprehensive content in a variety of formats.

Our on-staff content experts, Becky Law, MA, BSN, RN and Julie Smith, MS, BSN, RN have decades of hands-on experience in both care and education for maternity and OB patients. They consult with outside content experts, bedside staff, trusted organizations (like AWHONN), and our clients to create and regularly update our content, ensuring that it is accurate and meets the needs of today’s patients.

Even the best content can be overwhelming if it is just a sea of words. Our design staff is highly trained in design and learning principles. They craft layouts using type, color, illustrations and icons that make our content easy to follow and understand.

Besides high quality static images, multimedia additions like our videos, engage today’s younger patients who are used to seeking out videos and video tutorials for so many aspects of their daily lives.

Interactive components, such as contraction trackers and feeding logs in both our print and digital formats add another benefit by giving patients tools to actively engage with. This can lead to patients being made aware of normal health expectations and more likely to notice a health decline.

Finally, your ability to customize all of CCI’s resources, print and digital, allow you to include additional information, such as local community resources, discharge information, and more.

Patients need resources beyond doctor-patient conversations in the office. By providing them with additional evidence-based materials outside of the office, you can empower your patients to actively engage in their own health care discussions and treatment plans. In the end, we all want patients to have better outcomes. That starts with better education.

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