Sep 18, 2015

How Mobile apps are Changing the Landscape of Patient Education

Mobile technology, while not new to the healthcare industry, is gaining traction among healthcare professionals and becoming more mainstream in daily practice. Medical apps are useful in enhancing various aspects of healthcare, from information and time management to diagnosis and treatment.

The medical apps available offer many benefits to both healthcare professionals and patients. Here are just a few of those advantages:

Enhanced time and record management

Apps are available for a variety of different tasks, including writing and dictating notes, maintaining and archiving patient health records and other sensitive documents and organizing and tracking appointments and meetings. Whatever purpose these apps are used for, they help to increase overall efficiency, enabling professionals to spend more time on critical matters.

Improvement in clinical decision-making and patient outcomes

It has been shown that apps improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes by giving healthcare professionals convenient and immediate access to evidence-based information. Apps support the clinical decision-making process right at the point of care, resulting in improved patient outcomes. They provide real-time access to:

1)   Patient and clinical data, and
2)   Diagnosis and treatment recommendations via patient-specific analysis

Simplification of communication

By combining communication and computing on one device, apps help decrease the number of total devices doctors and nurses use. This simplifies point-of-care procedures and processes and also allows professionals at different locations to collaborate more easily.

CCI’s mobile apps

The Gift of Motherhood and CCI’s newest mobile app, A New Beginning, offer prime examples of how mobile resources can benefit your medical practice, serving as valuable educational resources for you and your patients.

How do the CCI apps improve patient healthcare and education?

Both The Gift of Motherhood and A New Beginning apps deliver the information patients need to help manage their care during pregnancy and after they return home. By providing their patients with important information, including key phone numbers, our clients are able to reach out to their moms beyond the confines of the office and stay in contact with them about their health for the duration of their pregnancy. And once the baby is born, communication can be maintained regarding the health of both the mom and baby.

Why did CCI decide to introduce the new mobile app?

Technology is constantly evolving and so is the way in which medical care and patient education are delivered. There’s an app for (almost) everything, but expectant moms want more than just information—they’re looking to build a relationship with the staff at the facility at which they plan to give birth. By having an app, a facility’s staff is providing a conduit for patient information in a format their patients prefer to consume it. Moms arrive better educated because the facility was able to provide them with information specific to their birth experience. It’s beneficial for everyone.

Given that the number of medical apps is expanding so rapidly, how is the CCI app different from the rest?

Moms will download an app during their pregnancy regardless of where it comes from. Having a branded app that not only provides their birth facility’s information but also provides medically accurate, evidence-based information truly sets us apart. And—huge plus—there are no ads!

Get our apps

The Gift of Motherhood and A New Beginning (not yet available in the app store), are compatible with iPhones and Androids. You can download many of our other apps for free by searching Customized Communications, Inc. in the app store.

The book versions of A New Beginning and The Gift of Motherhood are available on our website.

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