Oct 20, 2021

How to Market YoMingo

So you’ve made the decision to purchase YoMingo® — a maternity education app — and you’re well on your way to delivering great education on prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum care, breastfeeding, and newborn care to your patients. But how do you let them know about it so they can start to use it?

The key to a successful launch and continued use of YoMingo® is knowing how to effectively market and promote it. Follow these steps to let your patients know the education they seek is at their fingertips.

Start your marketing in house

The first people you need to get on board with YoMingo® are those who are responsible for helping to promote it. Implementing new technology can seem like a daunting task, but making sure your team feels confident using it and talking about it can go a long way toward getting patients comfortable with it as well.

You might start with a kick-off meeting to talk about the benefits of the app, go through a demo, and walk your team through YoMingo’s key features. Let them know how and when patients gain access to the app and how it will be incorporated into your facility’s education program.

For the rest of your staff, send an email announcing the launch of YoMingo® and detailing any helpful resources for those who would like more information about the app.

Spread the word to your patients

The only way patients will use YoMingo® is if they know it exists. Establishing an ongoing promotional plan will ensure your patients are aware they have access to the information they need at every stage of their early parenthood journey.

The best way to spread the word? Meet your patients where they are. Flyers handed out at prenatal appointments, prominent announcements on your website, posters in high traffic areas, and mentions in mailings and emails that go out to your community are all effective ways to let people know about YoMingo®. You can also instruct your health care providers to share the benefits of YoMingo® during patient appointments, making them active partners in its successful promotion.

Let the creativity flow with fun taglines and catchy headlines – these will help your patients be more enticed to check it out!

Here are some examples from AHN Saint Vincent.

Create an informative landing page

Get together with your marketing team or webmaster to create a blog post or landing page on your website that promotes YoMingo® and its benefits. Explain what YoMingo® is, what the app includes, and how it can help patients access the education they need to help them through the maternity journey from prenatal care to newborn care.

Include instructions on how to register for the program, download the app, and make sure you mention that YoMingo® is available on any device and in multiple languages. At the bottom of your landing page, include a disclaimer that states YoMingo® is not a substitution for quality care from a health care provider.

Check out these examples from a few facilities already using YoMingo®.

Mercy Cedar Rapids

Virginia Hospital Center

Healthy Start Brevard

Harness the power of online search

For potential patients who may be searching for online maternity education, there’s a way to make it more likely that they’ll land on your facility’s website. On your landing page, include common search terms like pregnancy app, online childbirth education, online maternity class, or online childbirth class. These search terms should be woven into the content in a way that reads naturally to your website visitors. Make sure your webmaster adds these search terms to their list for any Google or social media advertising efforts as well.

Don’t miss out on social media

Social media can be a great tool for promoting products and services. Providing information about your services in multiple formats makes that information more accessible to wider varieties of people and helps to reinforce the most important information. Seeing mentions of YoMingo® in print, email, online, and on social media makes it more likely your patients will not only remember the promotion, but also act on seeking it out.

Social media promotion should be designed in a way that makes it more shareable. Many social platforms — like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest — rely on strong visuals or videos to get the message across. With each post, include a link to drive people to your landing page for more in-depth information.

Even if you don’t have a huge following yet, posting promotions to social media is a great way to kickstart your marketing.

We want to ensure you get the most out of your investment in YoMingo®. For more tips and suggestions, join our Facebook group — Baby360 Hub— to exchange ideas with educators and health care professionals, ask questions, and share experiences.

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