Feb 7, 2017

How to Supplement Your Lessons With Digital and Print Materials

With technology becoming an increasingly important teaching supplement regardless of the learning environment, it’s important for teachers to be able to incorporate both digital and print elements into their lessons. Combining quality instruction with useful print and digital teaching tools can significantly enhance the learning experience for students.

Below are four ways to engage the patients in your childbirth classes using technology, with a mix of print and other materials to round out your lessons.

Give multimedia presentations

Enhance a traditional lecture with a slide presentation that incorporates photographs and diagrams. You can even add sound effects, music and video clips where appropriate.

Offer handouts of the presentation to students so they can follow along and take notes.

Listen to a podcast (or create your own)

Podcasts are a popular and effective way to communicate information online. You should be able to source programs that supplement topics you cover in class. Podcasts can also enrich your reading materials and stimulate classroom discussions.

Once you find an appropriate podcast, you can download it and play it in class to accompany the lesson and support any print materials you’re using. If you can’t find a podcast you like, think about creating your own!

Video and YouTube

According to studies by the Visual Teaching Alliance, 70 percent of people are visual learners. This means that incorporating visual teaching methods into your classroom, including videos and YouTube clips, can increase understanding of the subject matter. As always, make sure the videos you use are from a reputable source. We also feature video lessons for six of our products.

Utilize social media

Use social media to engage your students outside of the classroom. Posting questions and articles pertaining to topics covered in class on a group Facebook page encourages discussion between you and your students and among students between classes.

Looking for quality digital and print materials to use in your classroom? We have a variety of products available that make fantastic supplements to your lessons and enhance the learning environment in your classes.

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