Mar 27, 2020

Providing Patient Education Solutions During A Pandemic

Even as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on our health care system, babies continue to arrive. This means nurses and others who provide care are working harder than ever. And as hospitals across the country are canceling in-person childbirth education classes, expectant parents are anxious about what this means for their pregnancy and the birth of their baby. We’re here to help.

After hearing about the challenges facing our clients over the past few weeks, CCI is now offering free access to our education platform, YoMingo, through the end of June. This web-based tool gives patients access to a special program for labor and birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We’ve also added a direct link to the CDC for real-time access to news about pregnancy and coronavirus.

How Does YoMingo Work for Hospitals?

It’s easy. For hospitals interested in granting access to your patients, all you have to do is complete this form. You’ll receive an email with instructions and a link to share with your patients.

Your patients take it from there. All they have to do is complete a simple registration form. Then they’ll receive an email with a login and temporary password. Once they login, they’ll be prompted to change their password. That’s it. It’s as simple as that.

How Will Your Patients Benefit From YoMingo?

Your patients will have free access to the education and the tools they need during their pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journey. As always, CCI’s content is written by medical experts and is evidence-based and peer-reviewed. Plus, it’s jargon-free and written in language that patients understand.

Our special patient education program includes prenatal care, labor and delivery, birth stories, newborn care, breastfeeding and more. Plus, patients get access to interactive tools, like a contraction timer and kick counter.

Yes, It’s Free to Share!

Feel free to share our program with others who can benefit during this difficult time. We encourage our clients and all health care providers to spread the word about this special childbirth and breastfeeding program. We want every pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience to be a healthy one.

Please share this link on social media, via email, in your marketing collateral, or place it on your website.

Also please feel free to share with your staff, employees, affiliate or other doctor’s offices, and any individual pregnant or breastfeeding parents who we can help.

This offer is valid through June 30th. Let’s come together now to get much needed education to as many people as we can.

Answers to FAQs About YoMingo

Here are answers to some common questions we’ve been hearing when we talk to our health care clients about patient education during the coronavirus outbreak.

Is YoMingo available in multiple languages?
Yes, it is! There is a built-in language toggle, offering the content in more than 10 languages.

How long will we have access to this program?
On June 30, we will deactivate the registration link and patients will no longer be able to register for this program. However, those who have signed up will still be able to access the information. Their account will remain active.

What should we do if we’re having problems with our link being disabled?
We’ve heard that some hospitals’ firewalls are disabling the link when providers send it out to patients or when the educators try to access it. One solution is for hospitals to embed the link on their website or to post it on their social media pages.

What other content is available?
Our free offer gives patients access to a special modified version of our education program. Right now, we’re focused on getting education to those who need it. For providers who are interested in purchasing other products, we also offer Prenatal Health, Postpartum Care, and NICU education programs.

What about current YoMingo users?
You still have access to all of CCI’s education programs. You’re not missing out on anything new.

Can we share with others within the system?
Yes! We encourage it. Share away. We know we talked about this already, but we feel it’s worth repeating.

We thank all of the nurses, doctors, and other health care providers for your service during this difficult time.

Our team is standing by and ready to support you and your efforts to ensure that every expecting parent receives proper education prior to delivery. You can reach us at 800.476.2253 or

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