Nov 7, 2017

Quick Guide to Using A New Beginning at Discharge

There’s so much information to give to your families before they are discharged to home with their infants. It’s easy for them to be overwhelmed. We’ve updated and improved our book, A New Beginning, to make it an even better tool for you and your patients throughout their stay and after they go home.

The most exciting update is the interactive learning feature that makes use of Augmented Reality (AR). Using the free CCI AR app, readers just hover their mobile device over tagged images in the book to watch supporting videos. These reinforce topics like postpartum depression and breastfeeding positions. Being able to watch these videos as often as they need to once they go home is invaluable.

From the time they are admitted until they are discharged, you can be educating your patients with A New Beginning. Here are just a few ways to use this book to help you in that process.

Give your family a book as soon as they are admitted to Labor and Delivery and start educating them on skin-to-skin contact and the advantages of breastfeeding. This is an excellent introduction to new parents as they wait on the birth of their baby. Of course, some parents may not have much time before they are busy with the labor proccess.

You’ll find postpartum topics like physical and emotional changes, along with self-care, in the first part of the book. This is followed by baby care, newborn care and newborn characteristics. Breastfeeding is covered in the last third of the book where we include easy-to-understand information, AR videos and an updated feeding log.

Excellent resources for discharge teaching include pages on rest and sleep, baby’s behavior and infant safey. A section called Going Home gives you talking points to plan for discharge. This also helps you meet the HCAHP’s score for Help at Home.

Finally, we’ve consolidated the most recent information that aligns with The Joint Commission and The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

With A New Beginning, your patients are able to take home everything you’ve taught them. You can also add your own resources when you customize your book.

If you haven’t seen the newest edition of A New Beginningrequest your free sample book. We’re happy to answer any of your questions – just call us at 800 476 2253.

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