Feb 9, 2017

Texas Health Resources Improves Patient Experience

Moms-to-be experience a range of emotions about their pregnancies — from happiness and excitement to anxiety and even fear. But what all expectant mothers have in common is the need for consistent and medically accurate information to prepare them for labor and delivery. So, how can you help them absorb the appropriate knowledge regardless of circumstance or location?

Provide them with information from a reputable source in a variety of learning formats, of course!

Using the components of our product families, expectant moms and their partners can study from a book, interact with an instructor through online classes, and take advantage of a streamlined go-to reference available anywhere, anytime with our mobile app. The information is consistent and medically accurate no matter how it’s consumed.

We spoke with some folks from Texas Health Resources (THR) about how they recently added the mobile app component to their Gift of Motherhood education program and how it’s benefiting both mothers and the hospital network.

THR operates 15 hospitals across North Texas. Since 2009, The Gift of Motherhood books and online learning program have been a valuable resource for THR’s education efforts. A recent website overhaul presented the opportunity to use new Web content and format it in the app for individual hospital services and locations.

Before moving forward, Tracy Klinge, marketing strategist for Women and Infant Services, evaluated the value of the app’s material and its ability to engage patients in a new way. She saw that THR could leverage the combination of educational content and specifics about each location to improve the patient experience through every step of pregnancy.

In addition to the educational content, each of the THR hospitals has its own section in the app that walks moms through each phase, from pre-registration to discharge, and includes pictures of the labor and delivery units and photos of the actual rooms. Everything that a mom will encounter in their chosen hospital is featured, down to a walk-through of what to expect after the baby is born up until discharge.

THR capitalizes on its access to this audience by capturing email addresses when users download the app and deploying informative weekly email newsletters. These newsletters are a great resource for pregnant women and also market the specific support programs and new parent resources available at THR.

By opening the lines of communication with app users through app content and complementary emails, THR can drive traffic to its hospitals and become women’s go-to place for all their healthcare needs, including breast care, heart health and other important services.

The app is featured prominently on the THR website and links site visitors to the relevant app stores for download. It’s also mentioned in THR’s TV ad campaign about the health network’s services. Information is also available in OB offices and women’s clinics.

We’re thrilled to partner with THR in its ongoing efforts to make the lives of its moms-to-be — and all patients — a little bit better. Informed patients are more equipped to take charge of their health and make decisions that could have lasting positive benefits.

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