Oct 26, 2016

The Benefits of Dads Joining Birthing Classes

Childbirth is an important shared experience for couples and something both men and women need to prepare for. Women tend to gather information about pregnancy through various sources, including books, the Internet, healthcare providers, and other moms, but men don’t always share in this fact-finding. If they do, it’s often not to the same extent.

By participating in birthing classes, men receive the encouragement and information they need to become better equipped for the childbirth process. The benefits below explain why in-person, interactive classes that teach all facets of birth, including coping techniques and strategies, are invaluable for dads.

Gain confidence

Many dads-to-be go into the birth experience lacking confidence in their ability to successfully participate because there are so many unknowns. Birthing classes provide useful information, answering many questions men may have and significantly decreasing the amount of uncertainties regarding the process, providing them a huge confidence boost.

Ease fears

Women aren’t the only ones with fears about childbirth. Men have fears, too, but may not express their fears as easily — or at all. It’s important that men have an opportunity to talk about their worries and ask questions.

Childbirth classes offer the supportive environment men need to be able to open up. They also allow men to see that others have fears similar to their own. As men come to better understand the childbirth process, learn various techniques, and talk to other expectant dads during the classes, their fears begin to abate.

Be better prepared

Birthing classes equip couples with critical information about childbirth, including natural birth options, designing a birth plan, the power of a woman’s body, and how men can best support their partners during birth. All of this helps both parents know what to expect, enabling couples to go into childbirth confident and excited.

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