Jan 21, 2016

The Importance of Affirmations During Pregnancy

As a nurse or childbirth educator, one of the best things you can do for your pregnant clients is to equip them with the tools needed to foster a healthy and positive pregnancy. Affirmations can help your clients manage any fears or doubts they may be experiencing, enabling them to have a calmer and more enjoyable nine months.

What are affirmations?

Simply put, affirmations are short, positive statements that are expressed in the present tense. Here are some examples specifically crafted for pregnant women:

  • “I welcome the changes in my body.”
  • “My pregnant body is beautiful.”
  • “My body knows how to nourish and grow my baby.”
  • “My baby feels my love.”
  • “My baby and I are healthy and strong.”
  • “My body is perfectly equipped to give birth.”

When repeated daily, affirmations can help women turn negative feelings related to their pregnancy into positive ones. Seeing affirmations on notes around the house, in the car, or at a desk can help further engrain these sentiments, turning them into actual beliefs over time.

Benefits of affirmations

Since the repetition of positive affirmations can rewire the brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings, it’s critical to educate pregnant women about affirmations and teach them how to properly use them. When women develop a daily practice of using affirmations during pregnancy, they become more positive and confident about their condition, significantly reducing stress and anxiety.

Affirmations should be individually focused

Affirmations are not one size fits all. To be truly beneficial, they need to personally speak to each individual, addressing her unique fears and concerns. In addition to the examples provided above, refer to this list for additional affirmations you can recommend to your pregnant clients to encourage a healthy mindset. If these affirmations don’t resonate with your mother-to-be, you may want to offer guidance about writing her own for an even more customized approach.

Working with your clients to help them create affirmations they’ll use throughout their pregnancy will give them the gift of a more peaceful pregnancy that they can treasure and look back on with gratitude.

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