Nov 21, 2017

These 4 Tools are the Key to Mapping a Successful Patient Journey

The key to mapping out a successful patient journey is to use a strategic, step-by-step approach. You have many decisions to make at each stop along the way. Not only do you need to serve your client well, you also need to know how your efforts are performing. That information will help you make smart decisions about your resources going forward. We’ll show you the 4 tools you need to be using at every step.

1. Messaging

What does your client want and need to know at this step of her journey?

For example, when a woman discovers she’s pregnant, she needs information about what to expect and how to have a healthy pregnancy. Choosing where to deliver her child is not at the top of her mind…yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself with the flow of information.

2. Resources

What or who is the best vehicle to deliver that message?

The woman who just learned she’s pregnant needs educational materials to guide her through the next 40 weeks. Do you have the content she needs? Are you making her aware that you do? For the parents-to-be who are choosing your facility for their child’s birth: are you assuring them they’re making the best decision? One of your resources to communicate that message could be the hospital tour.

3. Format

How will you deliver the message?

There are a variety of methods to reach your client. Printed materials, mobile apps, online programming, or your website are obvious formats for certain steps. Direct communications with the client while she’s in the hospital is the best format for discussing what to expect pre- and post-delivery. As for the hospital tour, it could be experienced in-person or you might offer a virtual tour on your website. In this day of social media, don’t forget about Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews as a means for clients to evaluate their experiences.

4. KPIs

How do you know if your message is getting through?

Defining and measuring key performance indicators is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your resources. For instance, one KPI may be the number of downloads of the mobile app you offer. If it’s rarely downloaded, you need to know why. Is the app not being promoted well enough? Are there technical issues with the download process? Once you pay attention to data like this, you’ll be able to make any corrections or changes to get the most out of every investment you make in maternity services. Don’t forget to set goals for those KIPs, too, so you have something concrete to measure them against.

If it’s time to reevaluate your patient journey map, call us. We believe you can elevate the experience of your brand with patient education. CCI has the maternity and childbirth education resources to provide you with quality content in a variety of formats. Let us show you how to use these tools to refine every step of the patient experience.

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