Jul 19, 2016

Touching Moms’ Lives in El Salvador

Our own Heather Noack participated in a group mission trip to El Salvador earlier this month that enabled us to help more than 50 women. Before she left, we loaded her up with materials designed to help improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and new mothers in the San Salvador region.

The staff of the women’s clinic in this rural village helps locals have healthy pregnancies and teaches them how to give their babies a good start in life. Everything they do revolves around teaching moms to care for themselves and their newborns — things such as the importance of playing with their babies and how to help them develop motor skills. Instructors also advise them about nutrition and providing loving, hands-on care to their little ones.

Heather and her group handed out new mom kits to the 59 current clients. The bags were filled with our Spanish-language Healthy You, Healthy Baby book, diapers, rattles, socks, wipes, and pads — items these mothers don’t have access to, even if they could afford them.

We were also excited for Heather to deliver five sets of Spanish-language books to the instructors to use in their classes. Having Great Expectations, The Gift of Motherhood, Breastfeeding, A New Beginning, and The Joy of Parenthood in their hands will help these compassionate teachers educate the women on everything from prenatal care to early parenting skills.

The center relies on donations to cover every need, and CCI was honored to contribute to these women. The smiles and hugs from these sweet ladies when they received their bags were the best thank-you we could ask for.

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