Jul 24, 2017

We’re Leaping into Augmented Reality

In 2016 CCI went on the road to client sites to hold focus group sessions. The goal: make our childbirth and parent education materials even better so that you can give your pregnant moms the best information in ways they’ll understand and remember. The feedback was resounding. Patients want access to important information about their healthcare journey – quickly. So we went back to the drawing board with fresh ideas to improve the patient education experience.

In addition to our content updates, CCI has added an interactive learning experience through the use of Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows us to integrate digital information directly into our printed books. Using the CCI AR app, patients will be able to hover their smartphone or tablet over tagged images in the book to watch supporting videos, quickly access websites, and download interactive tracking materials. The use of AR brings the pages of the book to life to reinforce topics for a more thorough understanding.

For pregnant patients and new moms, AR provides a multisensory educational experience, increasing their comprehension by allowing them to go beyond the text to better visualize care for themselves and their newborns. When a new mother can get more information about postpartum blues or watch a video about how to hand express breastmilk right from the pages of the book, she gets help immediately –  which is when she needs it most.

Creating a positive experience for new moms takes more than delivering a healthy baby at your facility. It’s also making sure mom has the resources she needs to feel confident returning home with her baby. By adding AR to one of our most popular publications, A New Beginning, CCI is giving new mothers a better understanding of how to care for themselves and their babies.

The updated version of A New Beginning (including AR) will begin shipping August 15. Place your order now!

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