Jun 29, 2016

What to Include in a Labor Bag

It’s not unusual for those who work with pregnant women to be asked what items to include in a labor bag. There’s no better way to answer this query than by offering your students a handy checklist to be sure they have all the items covered. Knowing their bag is ready to go will give them peace of mind and save them time, energy, and stress. You can also use this opportunity to advise them to pack the bag at 34 or 35 weeks in case they go into labor a little early.

Labor bag checklist

[   ]  Important paperwork:
[   ] Insurance information
[   ] Completed hospital pre-registration forms
[   ] Birth plan (if applicable)

[   ]  A few pairs of warm, nonskid socks and/or cozy slippers for walking around the halls before labor, during early labor, and after labor (these should be ones that are OK to get dirty)

[   ]  A warm robe and a nightgown (ones that are OK to get soiled and ones that open in the front if breastfeeding)

[   ]  1–2 changes of clothes (including an outfit to go home in)

[   ]  A few pairs of maternity underwear (ones that are OK to get soiled)

[   ]  2 maternity bras (without underwire) or sports bras (sports bras are especially useful during water birth)

[   ]  Nursing pads (provide extra support and leak protection, regardless of whether nursing is planned)

[   ]  Moisturizing lip balm (to help combat the dry air in hospitals)

[   ]  Lollipops or other hard candies (to alleviate dry mouth)

[   ]  Sanitary pads designed for heavier flow (if more comfortable using a favorite brand rather than those provided by the hospital)

[   ]  Travel-sized toiletries and personal items, such as:
[   ] Shampoo
[   ] Conditioner
[   ] Hairbrush
[   ] Toothbrush
[   ] Toothpaste
[   ] Deodorant
[   ] Facial soap
[   ] Makeup
[   ]  Eyeglasses and/or contact lens case and solution (if applicable)
[   ]  Headbands, ponytail holders, and/or hair clips (if need to keep hair out of face)

[   ]  Cellphone and charger

[   ]  Personal contact list of everyone to call, text, or email to announce baby’s birth

[   ]  Camera and charger (or extra batteries)

[   ]  Relaxation tools, such as a stress-relieving squeeze ball, massage lotion or oil, or a homemade hot pack (e.g., a sock filled with uncooked rice or beans) for sore muscles

[   ]  Music player with favorite playlists

[   ]  Easy reading (e.g., magazines, newspapers, a “beach read”)

[   ]  1 or 2 extra bags (for bringing home gifts and extra hospital-supplied items such as diapers and blankets)

[   ]  Items for baby:
[   ] Coming home outfit
[   ] A hat (babies lose most of their body heat through their heads)
[   ] Receiving blankets (for swaddling and baby’s ride home)
[   ] Mittens (to prevent baby from scratching his/her face and/or body)

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